Hero_JellyThe 6th Annual San Francisco Bay Gala

For centuries, music has been inspired by the natural world. Just as the tides ebb and flow, sound waves rise and fall to create a musical masterpiece.

Music composition is an intricate art form, requiring a delicate balance of notes and rhythms. Strings, woodwinds, and percussion instruments join forces to create a perfect melody.

In the same way, our natural world relies on fluent rhythms to maintain a harmonious ecosystem. Every plankton, fish, and shark plays an essential role in the ocean; each coral reef, kelp forest, and estuary keeps the ocean in balance. Each element is key, and the absence of any one element causes instability within this world.

Join us for an evening of music, gourmet food, wine, and cocktails at our 2016 San Francisco Bay Gala, in celebration of the melodic beauty of the local ecosystem and help support our efforts to keep them harmoniously balanced.

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