The Most Trusted Voice For Water In Northern California

The most trusted voice for water in Northern California, bay.org is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit with the mission to protect, restore and inspire conservation of San Francisco Bay, from the Sierra to the sea.

We are San Francisco Bay’s largest watershed conservation group, addressing today’s most important water-related critical issues including climate change, wildlife protection, sustainability, coast and ocean protection, and watershed health.

Through science and research, field conservation, education, and animal encounters in naturalistic settings, bay.org is shifting the environmental conversation from scarcity to abundance and from fear to opportunity.

Ground Breaking Approach to Engaging All Stakeholders

Five unique divisions under one powerful NGO allows bay.org to take a unified, innovative, multi-tiered approach to educate, connect, and motivate diverse stakeholders to join us in the common cause of promoting the health of the Bay and its surrounding ecosystems.

We annually influence Bay Area residents, influencers, politicians, businesses, and out of town visitors to become agents of change for a healthy, thriving ecosystem.

  • Aquarium of the Bay — Located on San Francisco’s walkable waterfront, Aquarium of the Bay provides approximately 600,000 guests a year with unforgettable encounters with over 20,000 local marine animals that inspire both wonder and conservation.
  • The Bay Institute — The Bay Institute’s scientists and conservationists develop and lead model scientific research, education and advocacy programs that have a major impact on the health of the San Francisco Bay watershed.
  • Sea Lion Center — Naturalists at the Sea Lion Center lead free interpretive presentations about one of San Francisco’s most popular wildlife species: the California Sea Lions that grace the piers along the city’s waterfront.
  • EcoCenter at Heron’s Head Park — This landmark environmental education center is a living classroom dedicated to environmental justice, green buildings, and making better use of the Earth’s resources to foster healthy people, ecosystems, and economies.
  • Bay Model Alliance — This eight-acre waterfront education center brings the Bay to life with a working hydraulic model of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta system, educational programs, lectures, films, and seminars.

Powerful Results & Positive Impact

Bringing together an innovative team of diverse thinkers, active learners, and mission-driven doers with a strong commitment to Bay health, bay.org’s accomplishments include:

  • Improved water flows for the San Joaquin River in 2014, freshwater reached the Bay for the first time in 18 years
  • Leveraged policy to reintroduce salmon to the Bay’s rivers
  • Lead efforts to ensure new quality standards across all waterways in the Bay Area
  • Working to restore 100,000 acres of wetlands in the Bay
  • Developed a scientific “horizontal leve” concept to provide green, economical protection for the Bay against raising sea levels
  • Educate and inform millions of Bay Area residents and out of town visitors each year including tens of thousands of K-12 students about the wonders of the Bay and its fragile ecosystem at Aquarium of the Bay and its BayMobile mobile classroom, the Sea Lion Center, Eco Center at Heron’s Head Park, and Bay Model Alliance
  • Organize beach clean-ups that have a direct impact on the coastline, removing thousands of pounds of trash
  • Provide sustainable seafood information and training to local Bay Area restaurants
  • Engage local governments and leaders to protect coastal and marine areas

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