• "Where the Sierra Nevada streams meet the waters of the Pacific—magic happens. The San Francisco Bay enriches our soul, provides our climate and sustains our economy... I am committed to protecting this amazing resource by working with the Bay Institute to educate and inspire present and future generations."

    -Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom

  • "I have enjoyed working with the Bay Institute over the years to protect the San Francisco Bay and Delta."

    -Barbara Boxer, United States Senator

  • "For more than a decade, The Bay Institute has been a leader and an essential partner in the fight to restore the San Joaquin River. The Bay Institute's technical expertise and sustained commitment were key to winning the settlemen that is returning flows and fisheries to the river."

    -Hal Candee, Environmental Attorney, NRDC

    For decades, restoring the San Joaquin River, from its source in the high Sierra to the sea, has been a priority for the Bay Institute's Rivers and Delta team.
    It appears that, as currently proposed, the BDCP will harm many species it is supposed to help recover, while the benefits it promises to other species are highly speculative and projected to occur decades from now.
    Our Film & Lecture Series features guest speakers, films and topics related to environmental issues as part of our mission to protect, restore and inspire conservation of San Francisco Bay and its watershed from the Sierra to the sea.